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Here at Makuru Health we closely monitor all aspects of our honey production and processing with the honey production team, from beekeeping, hive health, extracting, processing, packaging and distribution of the honey.

This unique honey is produced from black beech trees, not from flowers. Our honey is collected along the foothills from Mount Hutt to Staveley in Mid Canterbury. This is the best and purest honey. These areas are away from intensive farming practices where a lots of sprays and agri-chemicals are used

Mees processes are state of the art and we have a certified facility. They maintain a number of legislative requirements, Health and Safety programs, Food Safety and Risk Management programs.

After the honey has been harvested it is brought to Mees honey shed where it will be extracted from the honeycomb within the frames. 


Sourced from Beech forest in Mid Canterbury New Zealand, near the famous Mount Hutt. Honeydew is dark in colour and tastes a little like maple syrup. Honeydew is syrupy type honey that doesn't crystallise in cool temperatures 

Honeydew is made by small insects that inhabit the beech forests and produce a sticky liquid that is collected by honeybees. Honeydew contains complex sugars called Oligosaccharides, it also contains higher levels of antioxidants compared to other honey.

Studies have shown that New Zealand Beech Honeydew has one of the highest levels of antioxidants of honey produced in New Zealand.

In a study done at Lincoln University located in Christchurch, Beech dew honey had the highest levels of polyphenolics. Its antioxidant power was comparable to that of other top honey of NZ.

Find out more about the research behind Dew honey here

Brand Mission

Our Awards  & Recognition

We have worked tirelessly to deliver the best products and benefits to our customers. We are delighted to announce we are the recipients of the APHSNZ Halal Award and the APINZ Gold honey award for 2021.

Below is a global map showing our current distribution markets.

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